Insulating Tubes
We are manufacturing Insulating Tubes in different varieties. These are used for dealing with hot water or electrical applications. These are resistant to high temperatures and can easily maintain their shape and form. These do not leak or crack.
Insulation Material Phenolic Moulding Compound
Quality Insulation Material Phenolic Moulding compound which has good thermal insulation, heat resistance property can be made available to clients. These are free from any kind of infiltration and therefore are used without any glitch in the electrical industry for a long run.
Fiberglass Reinforced Phenolic Moulding
We make available Fiberglass Reinforced Phenolic Moulding to mould phenolic compound. These show excellent resistance to heat and have a solid structure which ensures that the moulds produce quality product. These are widely used in the electrical and electronic industries.
Commutator Fiberglass Ring
We are manufacturing Commutator Fiberglass Ring which is formed through an appropriate mixture of fiberglass and epoxy resin. These have perfect diameter which makes their employment easy and without any glitch. These are resistant to rust and work without wearing off.

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